Looking for recreations of costumes worn by the King of Rock and Roll? We have recreations of costumes from original designers Bill Belew and Gene Doucette, (both formerly of I.C. Costume) We also have lots of other items, including: casual clothing, capes, jackets, belts, jewelry, shirts, pants, vests, scarves, and ladies! All of our items are movie, show, and picture friendly. Also check out our ETA page - Not merely impersonators, but true artists paying tribute to the King of Rock & Roll.

B & K Enterprises Costume Co., Inc. is one of the most unique, premier, professional custom costume shops of its kind in the world. We are internationally acclaimed for our recreations of jumpsuits like those worn by the late King of Rock and Roll. We cater to both fans and ETA's worldwide. As we pay homage to the King with our jumpsuit recreations, we also pay homage to the fabulous designers without whom none of these recreations would be possible. We have obtained the exclusive permission and documented consent of the very talented designers, Bill Belew (formerly of I.C. Costumes) and Gene Doucette, who still retain their intellectual property rights to the artwork on the costumes. In doing so, we have had their friendship and excellent guidance, along with a wealth of information over the years. They have been a tremendous help to us in the success of our business to bring you the very best!

We also make Rock Stage Wear, Country Western Stage Wear, and Women's Stage Wear. Plus, we do LOTS of custom orders to our customer's exact specifications. If there is something you want and you don't see it on our website, just ask!!



(2014) Elvis & Nixon - provided Superfly costume for Michael Shannon in this movie

(2013) Pawn Shop Chronicles - provided Embroidered American Eagle costume and Aloha cape for Brendan Frazier to wear at end of movie.

(2007) The Game Plan - starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, we provided a Burning Love costume for the background display in his home, in the movie.

(2002) Bubba Ho-Tep - starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis, we supplied two jumpsuits with capes and belts, puffy shirt, jacket, jewelry and gold belt for Bruce Campbell’s character, Sebastian Haff. We provided costumes for this movie at the request of head designers Shelley Kaye and Don Coscarelli.

(2002) Master of Disguise - starring Dana Carvey, we supplied a belt for this movie.

(2001) 3000 Miles to Graceland - starring Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, Christian Slater, David Arquette, Christian Slater, and Bokeem Woodbine, we provided 29 costumes for main characters and their stunt doubles, at the request of head designer, Mary McLeod.

(1998) Finding Graceland - starring Harvey Keitel and Bridget Fonda, we supplied Harvey Keitel some costumes in this movie.

(1985) Into the Night - starring Jeff Goldblum, we supplied the costume for the ETA in this movie


(2018) Apple iPod Commercial - We provided Burning Love Suit & Gold Belt, Blue Swirl Suit & belt, and '68 Comeback Leather Jacket & pants for various actors in this commercial.

(2015) State Farm Commercial - We provided an Eyelet suit &Lion Belt for Harry Shahoian for this commercial

(2014) Haunted Hathaways - We provided Fringe Suit & Turquoise cape for young ghost character in show.

(2014) Two and a Half Men - We provided Fireworks Suit, cape & Gold Belt for Ashton Kutcher character in the Halloween episode.

(2010) Smallville - Provided Comet suit, cape & gold belt plus scarves for final episode in Halloween episode

(2006) Las Vegas - Christmas Special, we provided costumes for the touring museum in the Christmas special.

(2002) The Chronicle - “The King is Undead” Episode 20

(2000) All My Children - We provided a white pinwheel suit, cape and belt for Michael Knight’s character, Tad Martin.


(2007) Movies Rock (Conde Nast Special Edition Magazine) - Bill Murray on the cover in our Egyptian costume, November 2007 issue.

(2007) Hershey’s Promotional - provided Elvis costume for Hershey’s new candy thru EPE

(2007) “Got Milk” - provided costume for milk commercial thru EPE

(2007) “Find Your Inner Elvis” - provided Elvis costume for ad thru EPE

(2006) TV Land - provided costume which was bronzed over and made into a statue. The statue is now on display in front of the arena in Hawaii where the King performed the 1973 “Aloha From Hawaii Concert”.


We have provided various items such as Aloha eagle capes, belts, etc., for various entertainers and celebrities. These items were purchased thru stylists and/or management companies.

Frank Stallone, Troy Gentry, Roseanne Barr, Madonna, John Mellencamp, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez (from the band TLC), Tommy Boyce of Boyce & Hart—provided clothing items for Tommy Boyce

(2007) President George Bush and the Prime Minister of Japan—we provided an Aloha Eagle cape and belt for each of them, at the request of EPE, to be presented as gifts to them during their visit to Graceland.

B & K Enterprises is now branching out to involve our company in custom manufacturing of country music entertainers’ garments. We will soon be providing garments for the multi-platinum award winning group “Montgomery Gentry”.