Total raised to date:

We would also like to give credit and thanks to everyone that has helped us in our efforts to raise money for this worthy cause. They are listed in order of most recent as follows:

Raised by Danny Haywood's Contest "Images of Elvis " 2009

B&K Enterprises Costume Co.
(DVD sales) 11/08

Elvis FANtasy Fest, 10/08

Raised by Danny Haywood's Contest "Images of the King" 2008

Elvis FANtasy Fest, 11/07

Danny Haywood, "Images of the King" contest, 2/07

Danny Haywood, "Images of the King Contest", 2/06

Roberta Arnold, "Reflections of the King" 9/05

Irv Cass Elvis Fest, 5/05

Danny Haywood, "CSRA Elvis Contest", 3/05

B & K Enterprises, 3/04

Danny Haywood, "CSRA Elvis Contest", 3/04

Howard Enterprises, 3/04

Elvis Fantasy Fest, 10/03

Also, our friends in the United Kingdom have helped raise 1,400 Sterling in 2004 and 3,000 Sterling in 2005 (about $5,500) in the last two years for their UK Cancer Research. You may contact them at david.fielding@cancer.org.uk


Our mission statement is that of providing the highest standard of cancer care while fostering a transitional and clinical research environment that place the Institute at the regional forefront of novel cancer therapy development.

To that end, the Kentucky Cancer Research Foundation was established.  This entity serves as a resource for "seed money" and grants to support the development of promising cancer research projects at the Institute and within the Louisville Medical Center in general.  Monies from the Foundation are also allocated to indigent cancer patients and to those with limited insurance coverage, in order to permit their access to state-of-the-art care regardless of location.  In addition, funds will be available to sponsor both professional and community programs.

Gifts of all sizes to the Kentucky Cancer Research Foundation can be made in the form of cash donations, commemorative gifts, appreciated securities and charitable gifts of property.  Planned gifts in the form of a specific bequest in a will or through life insurance are also accepted.

For more information, please contact: 

Kentucky Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.
100 East Liberty St, Suite 500, Louisville, KY  40202
502-561-8200 / F: 502-584-2089


Throughout the years, I have been taught a lot of valuable lessons by those around me. I have learned of love and loss.  I have never understood why so many people have had an interest in our costuming business.

I've always thought it was because it was such an obscure novelty, being the top costumer in the world for Elvis Presley tribute artists, as well as making garments for movies. Life is funny. When you think everything is going your way, someone always throws you a curve ball. In 1999, that is exactly what happened to me and Kim. We had been in our own little world, making costumes and traveling to display our wares. I always question the whole universe as to why things are the way they are. In 1999, I found out. In May of 1999, Kim had noticed a lump in her breast that was bordering on scar tissue from a lumpectomy a couple of years previous to her finding this lump. We both were concerned, so we went to her surgeon, Dr. Gordon Gutmann, and he confirmed our worst nightmare--it was breast cancer. Kim had a great attitude about it and decided she was going to fight. Me, on the other hand, I went into panic and eventually had a nervous breakdown. 

You see in 1989, my mother, Catherine (Betty) Polston, died of breast cancer at the age of 50. I felt hopelessness and felt like I was laying in the pits of hell. It was at that time that God stepped in. We were directed by Dr. Gutmann to see Dr. Renato LaRocca, at the Kentucky Cancer Institute. He immediately addressed the problem. Kim went thru 3 months of chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor, then she had surgery in September of 1999, then 3 more months of chemotherapy, then under another wonderful doctor, Dr. Frederick Albrink, underwent 13 weeks of radiation therapy. It was these God given doctors that blessed Kim with more life, than my mother was unable to see. 

My mother let her cancer go far too long before seeing about it. You see, my father had lost his job a year and a half prior to her finding the lump. The foundry had shut down that he worked for. leaving numerous families without an income or health insurance. My mother did not know where to turn, nor did she burden her children with her findings. So, because she had no insurance, she felt she had no options. We lost her needlessly. I told you all of the above so that you will understand the reasoning that Kim and I are requesting your help. 

Cancer is a disease that not only affects the person going thru it, it also affects the ones who love them most. The wonderful thing about today is, the technology to give us all hope that wasn't around as little as 10 years ago. Dr. Renato LaRocca is involved with other Oncologists to find better treatment options and hopefully, one day a cure for this unholy disease. He heads up the Kentucky Cancer Research Foundation. This foundation's two primary functions are to find better treatments and cures, as well as helping those who are not fortunate enough to have insurance get treatment of some kind. 

Dr. LaRocca is one of the most determined doctors that I've ever met in my life, and I have known lots! He made a statement one time that very much still stays with me and it explains the kind of person this man really is. He said nothing would please him more than to find another style of medicine to go into if he could only find a cure for cancer. To him it's not all about the money--it's about the gifts that God gave him--to use those gifts for the greater good of man. It must be said, however, that just because the title of his group is called Kentucky Cancer Research Foundation does not mean it's limited to just this area. Better treatment options and a cure and the information concerning this is spread throughout the world. Anyone can come to Dr. LaRocca for treatment. There is additional information throughout the web about Dr. LaRocca, the patents he has, and some of the papers he has written. I can assure you that all your dollars sent to this wonderful cause are used wholeheartedly so that no one else will have to lose a brother, a sister, a husband, a wife, a son, or a daughter or anyone else to this dreaded disease.

Kim and I have always found it funny, as I said before, that so many people have taken interest in what we do. We have found our calling through Kim getting this disease and that calling is to use our business to use the notoriety for what we do to raise money and help find a cure for cancer.

So, I come to you and not only to ask, but I beg of you to please consider donating whatever you can to this wonderful cause. It is up to each and every one of us as God's children, regardless of what God you believe in, to make a difference. There are many wonderful charities out there that need to be supported.

However, a great deal of the charities out there do not raise money for people who are dying and suffering the dance of the damned. So, please, I urge you to give some consideration to this.
Lastly, I ask of you to please know the seven warning signs of cancer
(see right)

Find a way, even if you don't have employment to go to a clinic for a checkup. Please get regular mammograms. Because, like the old saying from the American Cancer Society: It's what you don't know that can hurt you.

God Bless You!
Butch and Kim Polston


The Seven Warning
Signs of Cancer

  1. Appearance of lump in
    a breast/elsewhere
  2. Change in a mole/wart
  3. Sore that doesn't heal
  4. Indigestion/difficulty swallowing
  5. Nagging cough or
  6. Unusual bleeding
  7. Persistent respiratory

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