Fit For a King

Beechwood Entertainment
Director: Andy Dumas

Since the first time Elvis walked out on stage wearing his custom-made stage costumes in 1969, fans have been captivated by the stunning outfits that adorned him.  As Elvis continued touring across the country through the 1970’s, his attire became more and more spectacular with each new creation.   From his early concert years in the 1950’s, Elvis always did have a flare for exquisite fashion, but the costumes he wore from 1969-1977 actually became part of the Elvis image that the world would come to know admire.  The capes that accentuated his every movement on stage, the wide ornate belts with chains, the high Napoleonic collars, and those amazing suits with intricate embroidery and dazzling stone work were nothing short of stunning works of art that literally came to life when Elvis walked out on the stage.   When the spot light hit him, there is no doubt The King was holding court.  His costumes sparkled and glimmered with a magnificent radiance that seemed almost electric, and complemented the entire Elvis experience for those in attendance. One newspaper in the 1970’s said it best; Elvis looked like “a Prince from another planet”.

Now, for the first time ever, fans can see the intriguing story behind Elvis’ fabulous costumes, from concept to creation, in the new documentary Fit for a King.  Hear first hand accounts by the people who designed and custom-tailored the extravagant stage wardrobe for Elvis that also graced the cover of millions of his records and albums through the years.  See actual video footage of Elvis on stage in full sartorial splendor.

The late Bill Belew, in one of his final interviews, tells never before heard stories about his work for Elvis through the years, as well as their friendship.  Gene Doucette shares his first hand accounts in designing and creating some of Elvis’ most detailed and intricate stage costumes. 

You see his original sketches, patterns, and hear the amazing story of the creation of Elvis’ most famous suit of all, the Aloha from Hawaii suit, worn during the historic satellite broadcast to the world in January, 1973.

Woven into the fabric of this documentary, is the heart warming story of Butch Polston and his wife Kim of B&K Enterprises.  Their passion for preserving the legacy of Elvis and his costumes and the story of all they have endured along the way will touch your soul.  Witness as Bill Belew and Gene Doucette respectfully pass the torch to the deserving and capable hands of Butch and
Kim. They have not only created impressive Elvis costumes for an endless sea of Elvis tribute artists around the world, but they also have created Elvis wardrobe for Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell,
Christian Slater and others in several major Hollywood productions.

Producer Andy Dumas of Beechwood Entertainment has done an incredible job of documenting this behind the scenes element in Elvis’ career.  Fit for a King takes you on a fascinating journey that is both entertaining and enlightening.  It will navigate you through previously uncharted territory in this captivating chapter in Elvis history.   No Elvis fan should be without this essential
Production in their personal collection.


Bud Glass
Bud Glass Productions